Green Energy

What is Green Energy?

Apart from petroleum fuels, we can also use renewable energy i.e. green energy for power generation and other industrial uses.

Green energy is a sustainable energy source that never destroys environment and human health.
Green Energy
Solar Energy as a Green Energy Source
Green energy is produce from natural sources such as the plants, sun, wind, and water.

We know that the cost of fuel is increasing due to the endlessly population rise and the increase in population increases the need of conventional fuels i.e. petroleum based fuels.

These fuels will be end soon and there will be nothing left for our coming generation.

In such condition, people starts to search secondary sources of energy and that's why green energy appears, which are alternatives of conventional energy sources like coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Advantages of green energy

Green energy sources like solar energy, wind energy, water energy, bio-fuels, etc are renewable and have regenerating capabilities. These can’t be extinct from earth and always available for us.

Green energy sources do not emit greenhouse gases, and hence have fewer side effects on the environment.

Green energy solutions are entirely free and are easily available.

Green energy don’t have the control of any country or commercial organization like oil, gas or nuclear fuels. Thus, they are easily accessible and are cost efficient.

Green energy options are easily available in whole world; which includes areas present in remote conditions.

One of the type of green energy is Bio Fuels. More about it you can read in my previous article; "What is Biofuel".


The requirement for energy has raised in the world because of increase in population. This increase in energy demand can be met by green energy options. Green energy is the only solutions for good health of people and it also reduces global warming.


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