Difference between RON95 and RON97

Difference between RON95 and RON97 in Malaysia

Difference between RON95 and RON97
RON95 and RON97
Two grades or types of petrol are most common in Malaysia; RON95 and RON97.

Let understand first the meaning of RON in detail, RON stands for “Research Octane Number”.

Standard measure of a motor or aviation fuel is a RON. If the octane number is the higher, the fuel can withstand more compression before it detonates.

In 1926 American organization Ethyl Corporation developed this rating system and it is developed by Russell Marker.

Russell Marker discovered that knocking of engine or pre-ignition of engine is reduced by branching in hydrocarbons.

When the fuel detonates in the engine combustion chamber before it is expected to knocking of engine happens, this pre-ignition or knocking results in poor performance of motor engine.

A high fuel rating shows that the fuel can withstand high level of compression before detonating.

If there’s a high compression level in fuel, it indicates there will be more power output.

A specific range of octane numbered fuels is considered when motor engine designed by manufacturer.

Normally higher octane fuels like; RON97 are used for the cars with high performance engines, mostly cars with an engine capacity above 2,500cc.

RON95 is used in general motor cars, where output requirement from engine is less.

You should prevent using fuel with less octane number in high performance engine, otherwise it will result in knocking of engine.

High octane number like RON97 will gives a high compression ratio which generates a high horsepower.

You will get same mileage from both type of fuel i.e. mileage depends on your driving skills and road condition not on fuel type.

Also, the price of RON95 is less as compare to RON97.

Check latest petrol price in Malaysia here; RON95 and RON97.


Selection of RON95 and RON97 totally depends on your car engine specification. So, choose the fuel type as suggested by the car manufacturer.


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