What is meant by oil conservation

What is meant by oil conservation?

The oil conservation in the world day by day becoming very important and hot topic of discussion. Oil is one of the important natural resources on Earth. Oil is extracted from the deep oceans.

Every motor vehicle in the world works through fuel which is extracted from oil. We should conserve oil to get rid of problems in future. We should use it in correct way.

Oil is used in our daily life in foods, cars and many other things. Oil has many benefits. But we also use it in a harmful way, that means additional usage.

We should keep oil for generations to come. Environment and life will be better when oil is conserved.

We use oil in many ways. As such, oil is refined and used in food, natural gas is extracted from oil and fuels such as petrol and diesel are extracted from oil. Oil is used as a lubricant in machines.

The demand for petroleum products is increasing at a fast rate. At the current rate of consumption, our known oil reserves will only last 40 - 50 years. This puts enormous pressure on our economic resources and there is an urgent need to conserve petroleum products.

There is a huge scope of petroleum conservation in world, it has technological reforms, financial incentives, policy initiatives and legislative measures to implement conservation.

Transport, industry, domestic and agriculture are the four major sectors that consume petroleum extensively.

How can we conserve oil?

Awareness programs need to be developed for each sector and then wide publicity of measures that will require savings to bring about desired results on oil conservation.

The transport sector is one of the largest consumers of petroleum products, mainly petrol and high speed diesel.

This sector accounts for 60 per cent of petroleum consumption country wise. Road transport alone accounts for about 40 percent of the total oil consumption.

The main petroleum products consumed in the agricultural sector are diesel oil. Oil consumption in the area can be reduced by implementing or using high efficient pumps, by lift irrigation, by improving agricultural machinery, etc.

Regarding the use of petroleum for the production of fertilizers, new schemes based on liquid oil products should be discouraged and based on the use of natural gas or coal, which the country has sufficient resources.

Kerosene and LPG are two major oil products used in the domestic sector for cooking and lighting in urban and semi-urban areas. Since there are no viable alternatives to these fuels and they have to be expanded to rural areas to investigate deforestation, it is imperative that their use be achieved at optimum efficiency levels.

We can conserve oil by following several methods. We should reduce the use of vehicles. Use public transport instead of private vehicles.

Try to use electric vehicles that do not harm the environment. To prevent pollution, plant more and more trees. Check for pollution and mileage in vehicles frequently. In this way, we can conserve oil.

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The oil conservation is now becoming an urgent requirement of each and every country in the world. Government and people understood, if their is no oil, all of their work will stop. When we conserve oil, we will have a better life and environment.


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