Tips for Saving Fuel

Best Tips for Saving Fuel

World has been witnessing a tremendous or high rise in fuel prices. Obviously, due to such high prices of petrol and diesel, nothing remains in your pockets. Although the governments of all countries are constantly making promises to reduce the price of petrol and diesel.

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Tips for Saving Fuel
Fuel Saving
Even if the government reduces or does not reduces the price of fuel, you can save fuel by showing a little awareness, which will help you to reduce the pressure on your pocket. So here are some tips for saving fuel;

Control the speed to save fuel

Take full attention of your car speed while driving. Drive with speed of 40 to 60 kilometers per hour within the city. It will keep the mileage of your car right. Be sure to clean the air filter of your car. Uncleaned air filter consumes more fuel.

Do not overload the car

The fuel consumption of the car has full impact on the weight of the car. People often drive in their car with unnecessary items. So always carry only the things you need in your car. Do not keep items that you do not need during the journey in the car. This will reduce the weight of your car and the engine will consume less fuel and it will run smoothly.

Turn off your car at red signal

Turn off your car engine when you see red traffic signal. Turn off the engine if you want to stop for more than 20 to 30 seconds. With this, you will be able to save fuel throughout the day.

Check the pressure of Tyre

Fuel consumption also matters a lot on the size and pressure of the tyres of car. People modify the car to give the car a good look, due to which the engine needs more fuel to run. Try to use the same wheels of your car which are provided by the car manufacturer.

Use reverse gear sparingly

Whenever you park your car at home or somewhere outside, park in such a position that you do not have to use reverse gear to get out again. The reason for this is that when the engine of the car is cold then more fuel is consumed and if the car which is standing too late will be reversed then more fuel will be consumed.

Avoid changing gears often

When driving a car, always keep in mind that changing the gear of the car consumes more fuel. Try to not to change gear frequently. Change gear when you need it.


By following above mentioned tips for saving fuel you can easily save fuel in your car and at the month end you will surprised by seeing some saving in your pocket.


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