Save Fuel

Why to save fuel?

You all know that the basic need of humans is bread cloth and house. Whether it is bread or cloth or a house, we need fuel to manufacture anything. 

Fuels are coming to end and soon there will be no fuel. Just imagine what you do without fuel? That's why we have to save fuel.

Save Fuel
Save Fuel

Here in this article lets learn why it's necessary to save fuel.

What is fuel?

Fuel means, there are substances, which combine with oxygen and produce a lot of heat. Solid fuels are wood, peat, lignite and coal. Petroleum, kerosene and gasoline are liquid fuels.

Coal gas, steam-ember-gas, liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas, etc. are prominent in gaseous fuels.

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Why it's important to save fuel?

These are all kinds of fossil fuels that take thousands of years to form. It is not that we always get it. It is believed that these are slowly ending. Scientists believe that in the coming 100 years, these fuels can also be exhausted.

First of all it is very important to know which products can be placed in the fuel category and which are the products which cannot be placed in the fuel category.

Actually all those products which help humans in any way are all called resource fuels.

Like if we talk about cooking then we use LPG. LPG is used as a fuel for cooking. Similarly, there are two types of fuel also. First those fuels which can be renewable and secondly those which are non-renewable.

Renewable means those that can be renewed again. That is, sunlight can be placed in this category.

In fact, if scientists agree, sunlight will not end for the next two and a half billion years. Similarly, fuels that cannot be renewable. That is, they will end soon.
Fuel is very helpful. Human life cannot be imagined without fuels. You can see for yourself how much fuel you use in your own daily life.

First of all, if you talk about your daily life, then you use the vehicle in it, eat anything, or use fuel for any other purpose.

Fuel is very important, very helpful too, but what is the need to think so much about them? How are they going to end? Friends, this is the biggest question ever and today we are going to talk about this question.

It is often said that fuels are running out and soon there will be no fuel. Fuels are very important for society and human being. Why is putting so much effort to save fuel?

Friends, to answer this question, we will have to return again to the surface. The population of humans is growing at a quadruple speed day and night.

It has been seen in the last 3-4 decades that there has been a big boom in the population.

Initially, this boom was the consensus of scientists that this boom will be helpful to mankind and this boom will increase the amount of human resources in the society.

But after some time as this boom started increasing, people started to understand that only and only problems are increasing due to increase in population.

Nothing is growing except problems. In fact, increasing the population is like increasing the number of stakeholders on limited things. Limited things? Fuel and Resources.

Fuels and resources are much more limited in world. This problem is linked to the increase of these resources and population.

In fact, as the population increases, the share of people on the resource will increase and then it will become much more complex. Day by day, resources will continue to decrease.

There are other reasons for the lack of resources and fuel. After the population, the main reason that emerges is misuse or not taking the right place.

Talk about the fuel of daily life, such as water, gas, electricity.

We abuse all these and waste too much. You must have seen how many people who waste water badly, there are also those who use electricity wildly. It is due to these people that fuel waste and savings have become a serious problem.

If seen, the problem of fuel has increased in the same way due to increase in population and due to fuel wastage, this problem increases even more.

This means that we have a little fuel and we are wasting it too.

Now, let's talk about our last point, inflation and fuel. In the past, it has been seen that inflation has increased very fast. Every time the government try to convince the people and says that inflation will be reduced and many other related things.

But do you know that inflation can never be reduced? Perhaps you do not know what is the reason behind this. Absence of fuel. That is, the reason behind this is the lack of fuel.

See when a commodity is low in the market then its price goes up. The way we are seeing how fast the price of petrol is increasing. There was a time when the price of petrol used to be very low.
But the days passed and the waste of petrol reached its peak and today the price of petrol is in front of you.

Like petrol, other fuels will also become expensive, causing much problems and inflation will start touching the sky. All this will be due to fuel waste.

Respected readers would like to say in the end that this earth and all the fuels available on this earth are for you and us only. If they are destroyed, it will become a big problem.


If we talk about you and your life, then that too is connected with fuel and if the fuel runs out, your, mine or any person on earth will be in danger. So save fuel for yourself, your loved ones.

We need that we should find and use new resources of energy, so that we will have fuel left and our work will also continue. And along with this, we should also keep a check on the fuel expenses of our waste.

I request all of you to make the people of your neighborhood aware about this and inform the people about its usefulness, so that they also know that we should save fuel.


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